List of Presenters:

Lemont Dobson: Inaugural Scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Public Service and Global Citizenship, Central Michigan University
Title: Managing the message: my evolution from academic to television producer.

Don Henson: Honorary Director at Centre for Audio-Visual Study and Practice in Archaeology (CASPAR)
Title: Understanding the Stereotypes of Archaeology on Television

Marjolijn Kok, Institute of Landscape Archaeology and Heritage Studies
Title: Archaeotainment: A Critical View at the Mingling of Heritage and Fun

Carenza Lewis, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology
Title: Bullwhips, bullion and making a difference – the role of TV archaeology in social change projects.

Theano Moussouri, University College London, Institute of Archaeology
Title: Unpacking the meaning and value of education, learning and entertainment.

Victoria Park, International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Newcastle University.
Title: Read all about it? Newspaper coverage of the excavation of human remains.

Ian Richardson, Treasure Registrar, The British Museum
Title: Britain’s Secret Treasures

Lorna Richardson: PhD Candidate, Centre for Digital Humanities at University College London
Title: Gay Cavemen, John the Baptist and the Lost City of Ciudad Blanca
Session Social Media Coordinator

Francesco Ripanti, PhD Candidate, University of Siena
Title: Entertainment and Edutainment together – Multimedia and video-narration in archaeology

David Toon, Cloak and Dagger Studios
Title: The Theatre: Shoreditch, 1595

Gerry Twomey, Bamburgh Research Project
Title: The role of media in the rediscovery of Hope Taylor’s Bamburgh
Title: Methodological approaches to media at Bamburgh Research Project

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