Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TAG2012 Is Finished!

Thanks to all who participated. The Archaeology and Media session is now closed. Thanks for stopping by. We will have the session archived and available on early in the new year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Live Webcast

Join us for the live 19th December from 9:00AM until 4:00PM for the live webcast of the day's event.

Live stream by Ustream


The live webcast is made possible by the School of Public Service and Global Citizenship at Central Michigan UniversityThe College of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences at Central Michigan University, and The Archaeology News Network has kindly provided media support.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Watch Live Online

Archaeotainment: Archaeology or Entertainment will be broadcast live here on 19 December from 0900 GMT [scroll down for the list of presenters]. Join us as we explore the relationship between documentary film, television, newspapers, electronic media and Archaeology. Eleven papers and four films over one day live from TAG2012 Liverpool!  We want you to be involved so we will take your questions via twitter hashtag   You can also watch the live feed and comment via our facebook page here:

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to the session and film fest! We have finalized the list of presenters and the session order should be up at the TAG2012 Liverpool site!

Monty Dobson: Inaugural Scholar and Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Public Service and Global Citizenship, Central Michigan University
Title: Managing the message: my evolution from academic to television producer.

Don Henson: Honorary Director at Centre for Audio-Visual Study and Practice in Archaeology (CASPAR)
Title: Understanding the Stereotypes of Archaeology on Television

Title: Archaeotainment: A Critical View at the Mingling of Heritage and Fun

Title: Bullwhips, bullion and making a difference – the role of TV archaeology in social change projects.

Title: Unpacking the meaning and value of education, learning and entertainment.

Title: Read all about it? Newspaper coverage of the excavation of human remains.

Ian Richardson, Treasure Registrar, The British Museum
Title: Britain’s Secret Treasures

Title: Session Social Media Coordinator

Francesco Ripanti, PhD Candidate, University of Siena
Title: Entertainment and Edutainment together – Multimedia and video-narration in archaeology

Title: The Theatre: Shoreditch, 1595

Title: The role of media in the rediscovery of Hope Taylor’s Bamburgh
Title: Methodological approaches to media at Bamburgh Research Project

The live webcast is made possible by The School of Public Service and Global Citizenship at Central Michigan University. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Archaeology & Media – Entertainment or Edutainment?

Welcome to the website for Archaeology & Media – Entertainment or Edutainment? a day session at TAG2012 Liverpool. During the day the session will present 13 papers and 4 films of various length as well as papers and discussion by archaeologists, filmmakers and media professionals.  

In the coming weeks we will  launch the conference session social media pages and post blog entries by the presenters, trailers for the films that will be screened and more. 

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